Shave, shave again

After hearing about 6-year-old Chase Jones’ cancer diagnosis,  mom, Marcie Jones’ cousin, Lucky (bottom right),  was the first to shave his head. He told Chase he wanted to be on his “superhero team.” Chase’s 6-year-old cousin, Kynlee (bottom left), was the youngest family member to shave her head.

It all started with a relative Marcie Jones hadn’t seen or spoken to since she was a little girl. Following the November diagnosis of her 6-year-old son, Chase, with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (made high risk because of the dangerous and rare Philadelphia chromosome that affects how the cancer reacts to treatment), this distant relative called Marcie saying her husband shaved his head so he could be on what he called “Chase’s superhero team.” He then sent Chase a picture of himself – bald and dressed as a superhero.

When Chase’s hair started falling out, he told his mom he was afraid nobody would like him without hair. After that heartbreaking comment, Chase’s mom, dad, 15-year-old brother, and even 10 and 19-year-old sisters (who really love their hair) all shaved their heads to stand in solidarity with their son and little brother.

Since then, more than 20 relatives and friends – men, women boys and girls (the youngest being six years old) – have faced the clippers so they can be part of the squad that’s been affectionately dubbed “Chase’s superheroes.”

Even though the Jones family has already proved that bald is beautiful, many of them plan to shave again in March for Brave the Shave’s 10th campaign event. “Brave the Shave has been incredibly awesome,” Marcie says. “It’s unbelievable how much help the organization has given us and how much stress it has lifted off our shoulders. We want to give back, and this is the perfect way to do that.”

Join “Chase’s Superhero Squad” and go bald on March 10. Create a team at and start fundraising to help kids like Chase. The funds you raise will go toward research and to  support North Dakota area families fighting childhood cancer.


More than 20 relatives and friends – men, women boys and girls (the youngest being six years old) – have gone under the clippers to show their support for Chase.

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