Have a Lovely Day

Have a lovely day! That was Cully Oothoudt’s favorite saying and we want to take a moment to remind you, without asking anything, to have a lovely day. Sometimes that can be hard to remember. We try to remind ourselves that we should be grateful. Yet, as we move through our days it is easy to lose track of what is important.

So today we just want to encourage you to reach out to somebody you care about, reach out to someone you love or even to someone you just met for the first time and remind them to have a lovely day. While Cully can’t be here to remind us every day, we know that he would want us to remember, so we’ve attached a short “have a lovely day” from Cully.

The world could use a lot more of those reminders. Let this be one. If you want to hear more of Cully’s story you can watch a video of Taner Ohlsen and Scott Oothoudt talking about Cully.

Have a lovely day!

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