Brave the Shave-a-thon

Hey everyone!  We are so excited to be able to tell you about a partnership we have formed with KFYR TV to put on a Brave the Shave-a-Thon!  What is a Brave the Shave-a-Thon you ask?  Well, it’s just the coolest thing to ever happen!

As we thought about what it was we could do for the community and for our families, we reached out to KFYR and they stepped up in a BIG way.  So, on Tuesday, April 28th, they will be holding an on-line, real-time effort to bring awareness to Brave the Shave, our families and the research we support.  

At the same time, we are going to have some fun on Facebook and Youtube. Scott Wild will be hosting a real time trivia tour. This will be a family friendly time and we have a few things we would like you to do to get started:

1. Head Shaving Videos on Facebook – While this won’t take the place of our main event (which is being rescheduled for September 19th) we would love to see some people shaving their heads and show these on air at on the 28th. So, do your best job shaving safely at home. Watch the Guthmillers. They make it look easy! Make it personal, funny or original in any way you want. 

2. Let all your friends and supporters know when you plan to shave and send them to your donation page so you can hit your goal! People love to donate to a worthy cause, so put on your fundraising hats and have fun with it! Whatever event you signed up for is fine, there’s no need for you to change anything there.

3. KFYR will use some of the videos from Facebook and share them on air on the 28th.  

4. Tune in to your local NBC Station, our Facebook site or YouTube on the 28th starting at 8 AM and help us spread a little joy and fun in this difficult time.

We may not be able to get together in person until our re-scheduled Flagship event on Saturday, September 19th, but that doesn’t mean these families are not in need of your help now. The need us more now than ever! We so appreciate your efforts during this time. Take care and talk to you soon. 
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