Brave the Shave

Brave the Shave believes all kids deserve a healthy, worry-free childhood which is why we are committed to supporting the full spectrum of their cancer journey by providing assistance to the families and supporting critical research. The funds raised fund things like the Brave the Shave Family Fund and the Andrew McDonough Be Positive (B+) Foundation.

For the kids

These kids can’t do it alone. And because they have fought and many continue to fight, we will too. Because they have to be brave, we will do our part in braving the shave. They’re the reason behind this.

Thank you

Your generosity means more than you can imagine to these brave children and their families. It means hope, support and camaraderie. Thank you for joining in the fight. Your support is making a difference!

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Ella and I Are Asking You to Pay Attention!

Hello friend! We at Brave the Shave, have thoroughly evaluated our situation and have decided to cancel our Main Event this year, due to corona virus concerns. We take your health as well as our honoree’s health seriously and it’s our responsibility to follow CDC recommendations. This event raises a significant amount of our funds … Continue reading Ella and I Are Asking You to Pay Attention!

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Join the fight

You too can get involved by donating your hair, your time or your money. And if you are a family in need of help, contact us soon.

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