Brave Stories Podcast

Our podcast, Brave Stories, tells stories about our children and their experiences with cancer, from a family and community perspective. We are focused on the idea that families who are affected by children’s cancer deserve support and community, and we hope to provide our perspective on this issue to you.

Pansy's Peeps- Raising Money for a Cause Brave Stories

Mike Eggl talks with Taner Olson, one of our parents and volunteers, Bishop Craig Schweitzer,  and Dr. Tim Pansegrau about their efforts to raise money and support their community with Brave the Shave.
  1. Pansy's Peeps- Raising Money for a Cause
  2. Andrew McDonough and the B+ Foundation
  3. Dash Ohlsen: Part 1
  4. Dash Ohlsen: Part 2
  5. Cully Oothoudt: Part 1
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